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Supervisory information and management center

One of the key features of the FITO-AGRO systems architecture is ability of unification of several systems in united complex with centralized management. Program “MONITOR” is made for this. It allows controlling working of all systems by united informational center “MONITOR”. For more clearness results of the observations are demonstrated in state of plots and on-line values of technological parameters.
The task is entered in program in suitable tabular form. System watches for realization of all points in automatic routine. In spite of systems are full automatized, efficient interference and conversion on manual control are possible.
Everyday information is saved in database with the possibility of its analyzing afterwards in graphic form.
Remote control through LAN or Internet is also possible. Built-in feature of flexible differentiation of access allows you to organize work of your employees with maximum efficiency.

Helpful software for agronomists

Nutrient calculation is important and laborious process. It defines normal growth of the plants. Because of a great number of fertilizers agronomist has a complicated task of calculation that includes not only selection of balanced quantity of nutritious but also optimization of calculations by principle “VALUE FOR MONEY”. Especially for computerized solution of this task PC program “AGRONOM” is made by FITO-AGRO. Its key features are:

  1. high speed and great accuracy of calculation
  2. universality and comfort in work

A high requirement to the safety of information defines using of modern workings up in database and network technologies area. Functionality of the program allows viewing of the farm structure and taking fertilizers stock. Team of agronomists can work with program individually and through the network using common data about water analysis, presence of fertilizers in the storehouses and about last calculations.
Verifications and clearness of the course of task solving and easy tuning calculation parameters allow instantly get the composition of nutrient and be sure in its correctness.
A lot of features of the “AGRONOM” allow you to save your time, protect calculations from random errors and introduce clearness in work connected with nutrient calculation.

Functional features:

  1. fast nutrient calculation by given rates
  2. checking of correctness of the introduced parameters (sums of anions and cations equality control, EC calculation, etc.)
  3. solving of the task in several variants with due to priority and price characteristics of fertilizers
  4. easy changeable list of used simple and complicated parameters
  5. conducting of archive of calculated data, water analysis, results of measuring of EC, pH in substratum and drainage
  6. fertilizers stock-taking
  7. printing calculation ability
  8. comfortable user interface and reflection of data in tables and diagrams
  9. high level of universality of the program
  10. additional functions according to customers desire